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Memorial Masonry

Remembering the life of a loved one goes on long after the funeral. A memorial stone is a permanent and personal tribute to the deceased, which you can visit you pay your respects for many years to come.

A Lasting Tribute

A.Milne Memorials offer a wide variety of materials and different designs that can be incorporated to personalise each individual monument. From simple styles to the more elaborate, we will always endeavor to help you select a fitting tribute to the deceased. A.Milne Memorials use only the finest materials to ensure the permanence of your memorial.

Garden Memorials

We offer a range of memorials designed to be placed in your own garden. These memorials are ideal if cremated remains are to be interred or if you would like a special tribute.

Additional Services

A.Milne Memorials also offer a wide range of after care services, including Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and renovation, Re-gilding, Re-enamelling and Re-levelling

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